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Your Stories Are Your Uniqueness!

They are one of the fastest ways to set you apart in a noisy marketing world.
And they are essential to captivate, build trust, and motivate people to want to work with you.

But many entrepreneurs miss this opportunity!
Would you like to captivate, build trust, and motivate your right-fit clients to work with you through stories that only YOU can tell?
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" 5 Places to Dig for Stories About Your Company"

You will discover how to find stories that:
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  • Only you can tell, and no one else can copy!
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Do You Want to Attract, Delight, and Convert Cold Traffic into Endless Right-Fit Clients?

As an Entrepreneur, with a Unique Signature Process and who's looking to grow, launch, or scale, are you thinking what others have been thinking...

  • We want our content to be more captivating and engaging, but something is missing...
  • S.O.S. (Shiny Object Syndrome) is exhausting! It never seems to work and we're on to the next shiny new tactic.
  • Hmm...we don't really have content along the buyer's journey.
  • We want to get off the content treadmill and repurpose, but don't have a strategy to guide us.

Hi! I'm Deb Monfette. And you're right! There are so many things to think about when creating content to attract clients. 

Everyone's telling you...
  • Use this hack and that funnel
  • Create MORE content
  • Buy ads
  • Follow these "sure-fire" titles formulas
  • You need lots of lead magnets
  • And more and more tactics...
The truth is you're missing "the heart" of the matter. And, it starts with the stage before you write, shoot that video, or buy another ad.

All of these tactics, funnels, and tech won't give you the results you expect without having a vision and a solid strategy to guide you.

And if your content doesn't connect with clients you really want to work with all the blog posts, videos, ads, social posts, and funnels you bust your butt creating, and spend your money on, can't make an impact or give you the income.

So, what's missing ...

Well, after three decades of experience, 1000's of hours of trial and  error, and dozens of trainings and courses, I've finally discovered the missing link to... 

  • Be undeniably "one of a kind" in an industry of many
  • Make your Unique Signature Process STAND OUT!
  • Powerfully Attract, Delight, and Convert a cold audience into Endless Right-Fit Clients.

And that link is Irresistible Content!

The Time is NOW!

I know you want to grow, launch, or scale your business to make an impact on others or you wouldn't be reading this.

The Time Has Never Been More Important Than RIGHT NOW to:

  • Elevate Your Content Strategy
  • Create Experiences People Will Remember
  • Don't let people to F.I.O.T. (Figure It Out Themselves)  
  • And BE Undeniable "One of a Kind" in an Industry of Many

"5 Places to Dig for Stories About Your Company"

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Let's take your business to a whole new level in 2022 & beyond so that you can make a bigger impact & income!


I help Entrepreneurs turn their frustration into motivation, and be undeniable one-of-a-kind to attract, delight, and convert a cold audience into endless right-fit clients.

You see, I wasn't always a content marketer. I left corporate after 2+ decades working side-by-side with customers. Introducing them to the "never seen before," creating new ways to work, and helping them slide into the future.

So, why did I leave? 

I wanted the freedom to explore, create, and help more people.

So, about 7 years ago I started my own content marketing business. 

And I soon had one overwhelmed client after the next. Frustrated uncovering ideas, strapped for time without a roadmap, and finding it difficult to attract clients with content.

But I was also in your shoes ...

I found myself scrambling to come up with ideas and then stir up enough energy to create content for my own business. 

And I was just plain tired of staying up long after The Tonight Show ended and hovering over a keyboard on the weekends. 

As more demands for content piled up, I realized there had to be an easier way. One where I could imagine an endless supply of fabulous ideas AND dig my way out of this content jungle.

Then one day it hit me. 

I discovered a missing key ingredient. 

So, I mixed up my customer experience with my insanely good content appetite and created Irresistible Content.

Content that's not part of the noise. But content that people find simply irresistible and want more. 

I've used this process with my corporate clients. Now, I want to bring this system to all of you entrepreneurs who have a Unique Signature Process waiting to make an impact while creating a great income. 

Irresistible Content will help you kick content overwhelm to the curb. My 3-part framework will guide you to CENTER your content on your customer so that you can attract, delight, and convert a cold audience into endless right-fit clients.

My motto in life is ...

Make it Irresistible. Whether I'm cooking dinner for my family and friends, whipping up a birthday cake for my daughter, or creating a case study ...

Let me help you make your content Irresistible and attract more of your right-fit clients. 

Just remember ...

There is no "I" in content. But there is one in inspire, influence, impact, and income.  This means to center your content on your customers and not just on your company. Then you can inspire, influence, and impact them to make decisions they feel good about and in your favor.          

~ Deb Monfette                                    

Design Your


Create an


Expand Your

Here's How to Work with Me

I  can't wait to share my Irresistible Content Master Strategy with you! 

Choose free resources to get inspired and take the plunge.

Stay tuned for more irresistible content coming! 

Choose from 1-on-1 Consultations.
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Learn about 3 Irresistible Content Strategies:  
~ Design your Vision.
~ Create a Content Experience.  
~ Expand your Reach to connect with more people in different ways.

Contact me if you'd like a 20-minute complementary
Content Discovery Call to see how I can help you.

They Say

Julie Caprera

Owner and Homeschool Success Coach

"You have helped me gain clarity in my business that I was struggling with. You showed me things I didn't know I needed, like your unique Irresistible Lead Magnet.

I have to thank you for the awesome job you did on the Tracker to introduce my Signature System.  It is a POWERFUL tool, way more than I had ever imagined. I had NO idea when we were doing it exactly how essential it would be, and how powerful it was. This tool is really allowing me a way to get connected with people to lead to them becoming clients.

And to think, this is just one part of my Irresistible Lead Magnet.

Your superpower for sure is creating an emotional connection with words and visuals. "  

Rebecca Rueth

Founder, Rebecca Rueth Art & Design, & Biz Tips for Creatives

" I love Deb’s content strategies and mindset. She doesn't just say the same thing as everyone else. Her ideas are unique, filled with possibilities, and based on decades of real-world experiences.

It's what businesses actually need while focusing on what their clients want.

Her approach is very refreshing and a game changer for entrepreneurs and businesses, especially creatives, of any size."

Ray Stendall

Publisher, Customer Engagement Magazine

" Deb is not only a stellar writer but has contributed very strategic ideas. She understands how to be customer-focused. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a boost in their content marketing strategy to engage their customers."

Scott & Julie Ducker

Founders of Live Simply Abundant

"In the ILM-ILab, we discovered that an Irresistible Lead Magnet is far more valuable than your typical one.

It’s actually a whole messaging process on a much higher level.

We can captivate the customer and draw them in so that they get a feel of our Signature Process, the outcome we provide, and they get a quick WIN in the end. It’s a real taste and see that can also expand into other content... repurposing SOLVED. It was unlike anything we’ve experienced before.

This was a game changer for us. So, thank you, Deb!"

Laura Prisc

The Most Trusted Authority on Conscious Leadership for High Performance Organizations

"If you’ve been practicing any of the traditional marketing techniques and sense you’re not really connecting in a meaningful way, it’s time to rethink your strategy. 

Deb’s approach is grounded in customer service, first, then in marketing and promoting your products and services second. This allows you to create content that resolves the challenges your prospects face. It will make you stand out so that you can connect, build relationships, and serve people who will become long-term, satisfied customers."

Ed Gandia 

President & Founder, Gandia Communications, Inc. and High Income Business Writing

"Irresistible Content is an excellent framework for developing and executing an effective content marketing strategy. Deb is well-trained and is very creative at developing engaging content ideas."

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March 9, 2021


March 9, 2021


March 9, 2021